If you are sexually active then maintaining a healthy libido is an important element of your sexual health. It is going to ensure that you are generating regular levels of arousal to help satisfy yourself and your partner. There are ways to boost your libido naturally by adding certain foods to your diet such as fruit or dark chocolate, consuming certain herbs like basil or garlic, exercising regularly or limiting your alcohol intake. Advances in science have pathed the way for peptide therapy to also play a part in looking after your libido.

Peptides are small chains of amino acids which bind together to form proteins. They are between 2 and 50 amino acids in length and due to their smaller size, are more readily absorbed into the bloodstream. Peptides have many different functions throughout the body from acting as antioxidants, having antibiotic functions, improving skin health, act as neurotransmitters to regulate hormone production and also to help regulate sexual function.

Research has revealed that one of the most prominent peptides to increase sexual desire is called bremelanotide. It is suitable for both men and women in treating sexual dysfunction. In women, it helps to combat sexual arousal disorder and in men, erectile dysfunction. It has been found to cause spontaneous erections in test subjects as well as sexul arousal. Unlike erectile dysfunction medications such as viagra which impact the vascular system, bremelanotide targets the nervous system, flicking the sexual switch that leads to arousal. The nature of bremelanotide and other peptides called melanotropins has given them the title of libido peptides as they work within the body as aphrodisiacs. They act upon the dopaminergic pathway in the brain which is responsible for the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine. They fire up the sex drive, stirring passion in the brain by activating hypothalamic and limbic emotional structures. They are also capable of treating people recovering from sexual dysfunction.

Another peptide which has libido enhancing applications is melanotan 2. It is typically used for skin pigmentation, as it is known to stimulate melanogenesis, the process of producing melanin. Melanotan 2 is also known to produce the alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone which activates melanocortin receptors. These hormones are recognised to have a potent impact upon sexual libido, as well as appetite and lipid metabolism. One more peptide worth investigating for augmenting the libido is CJC-1295. This peptide is responsible for raising the level of human growth hormone and insulin growth factor-1 levels throughout the body. This hormone impacts nearly every cell in the body from the bones to the muscles to the skin, the lungs and the central nervous system. It’s an imperative component of regulating and promoting healing and recovery, regulating the metabolism, strengthening the immune system and cardiovascular system and increasing the sex drive.

Peptide therapy is an emerging avenue of treatment for sexual dysfunction. There are a number of different peptides that research is revealing to enhance your energy levels and this extends to your libido.